Cebu - Pearl Of South Philippines

Cebu - Pear of the South

If your travel plans for this year includes Cebu, here are some reasons why we're certain that you won't regret your decision on choosing Cebu as your travel destination.

Cebu: The Isle Of Tropical Dreams

Cebu Tropical Island

Cebu is the traveler's fantasy of a tropical island come true - balmy weather, pristine beaches, crystalline waters, and luxurious resorts with all the frills of modern living.

Cebu Holiday - Travel Guide

Cebu Holiday

Philippines is one of the most incredible in Asia with rich culture, traditions and background because it was colonized by many foreign countries for centuries.

Cebu - A Great Place to Visit

Cebu City

Are you looking for the ideal Asian tropical area to travel, retire or operate? Then the tropical isle of Cebu Philippines is absolutely the location to suit your needs!

Cebu Essentials

Cebu Essentials

Here is a guide to make sure that you pack all the things that you will need for a wonderful, relaxing trip to Cebu.

Cebu City, Philippines - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Cebu Streets

The city has several world class resorts, hotels, beaches and dive sites. It also has some areas of the world's most devastating poverty.

Cebu City Philippines Crime and Terrorism

Cebu Police Security

There is NO terrorism in Cebu, No bombs exploding and the last I checked the army was not marching the streets of the city.

Cebu City Philippines and the Shrinking Dollar

Cebu Peso Dollar Exchange

Many expats living in the Philippines are sharpening their pencils and watching their spending habits much more closely as the dollar continues to drop against the peso.

Cebu - Adventure City of the Philippines

Cebu Adventure

The region in the Central Visayas in which you can experience absolutely anything is Cebu. Cebu has something for absolutely any type of person.

Zipline in Liloan - A Perfect Adventure

Zipline in Liloan
For adventurous people, the zipline in Liloan really looks very thrilling. Try it and feel the excitement and share your experience here by posting some comments.


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