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Mactan Island


Mactan Island lies a few kilometres southeast of the cebu mainland. This island is connected to Cebu by the two bridges, namely the Mandaue Mactan Bridge and Marcelo Fernan Bridge, where Lapu-lapu city is located on the western coast of Mactan island which lies 5 kilometeres across Cebu Harbor. Mactan made his own history about the battle between the famous Chief Lapu-lapu who killed Portuguese navigator Ferdinand Magellan in 1521.

Mactan Island is a paradise where anyone can experience the pristine waters, beautiful white sand beaches, and one of the famous tourist destination worldwide. It is also one of the country’s symbolic of the freedom and bravery of the Filipinos in faces of the battles. It has also a large company which is the MEPZ ( Mactan Export Processing Zone) that manufactures that includes electronics and furniture. This island is the center of employment for the job seekers. Another thing, experience to watch the Kadaugan sa Mactan festival, which held in Lapu-lapu city on 22nd- 27th of April.

Mactan offers nice accommodation facilties, scuba diving, surfing and lot more sports opportunities that take's place. Their main source of livelihood in Mactan is making guitars and other instruments. It became one of the booming industries in this island because of their commerce , trade , travel and tourism that goes within. Lots of world-class, international hotels are already built to attract tourist visitors and make their own business or leisure trips here. There are lots of attractions of visitors in Mactan like Lapu-lapu Monument and Magellan Markers in Mactan Shrine,,Olango Island Wild life Sanctuary in Brgy San Vicente, Maribago Guitar Factories in Maribago District, Local Fresh Seafoods Restaurant in Mactan Shrine Vicinity. There are also nice beautiful beaches that you would like to stay like Cebu White Sands at Maribago, Shangri-La's Mactan Island Resort & Spa, Costabella Tropical Beach Resort at Mactan Plantation Bay Resort & Spa at Marigondon Lapu-lapu city, while lots of guaranted hotels to stay like Waterfront Airport Hotel & Casino at Airport Road.

Travel Directions:

By air : To reach Mactan island through by air specifically the tourist visitors that comes from other countries and would like to visit mactan, make sure your destination is going to Mactan Cebu International Airport, after ride a taxi for the place that you would like to stay and relaxed.

By land and sea : Just ride a public jeepneys, ferry boats, V-hire and taxis for the exact destinations or if you wish to be comfortable , you can rent a car or choose to drive free deal by yourself by asking a rent a car companies though.

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