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Dumanjug is located in Soutwestern cebu island , where in and passes through the town’s neighbor in the north of Barili, east ofSibonga, south of Ronda and west ofTañon Strait. The place is active in its economic position since there are different industrial livelihood like weaving decors, basket and mat among others which are being exported to different countries. The main source of livelihood are fishing andfarming.

Dumanjug is one of the prime producers and transhipment points of livestock products. This place has it's legend with a very brave, colorful chieftain attained fame because of his very loud and booming voice that can even reach some far-flung places surrounding the village was called "Dumahunog," in which eventually evolved to Dumanjug. Other attraction is the town plaza, which is a favorite place to spend one’s leisure time with children and also have a small stores vicinity that sell affordable refreshments. This plaza is surrounded by some trees thatgives shade to visitors, families, love ones for comfortable to stay , relax andenjoy the atmpsphere. There are three Catholic parishes thatincludes St. Vincent Ferrer in Bitoon, Christ the King in Bulak, and St. Franics of Assisi in Poblacion. Aside from churches attractions is their own Sinanggiyaw Festival celebration that you would probably like to watch.

Travel Directions: To reach Dumanjug, go to South Bus Terminal andfind a bus thatroutesto Dumanjugdestination. But if you wish to travelwith comfortably justchoose a V-hires. It takes only 2 hours to travel.

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