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Camotes Islands


The Camotes Islands are a group of four islands that form part of the province of Cebu, in the Philippines. The island group is located east of Cebu Island, southwest of Leyte Island, and north of Bohol Island. The Camotes is composed of the following five islands and municipalities:

  • Poro: the municipalities of Poro
  • Tudela.
  • Pacijan: the sole municipality of San Francisco.
  • Ponson: the sole municipality of Pilar.
  • Tulang: part of the barangay of Esperanza, which is part of San Francisco.

The islands of Pacijan and Poro are connected by a paved road. Ponson is separated by the Camotes Sea, lying about four kilometers northeast of Poro. Tulang is located off the northern tip of Pacijan. The Camotes are low-lying islands. There is only one hill on Pacijan and another hill on Poro. These hills are used by a telecommunications company for relay stations. Pacijan has a fresh-water lake around two kilometers in length. Palm trees are the dominant plant on the islands. There are also numerous native varieties of fruit trees and other plants.


In 1942, the occupation from the Japanese forces taked in Camotes Islands in Cebu. In 1945, the liberation was taken by the Philippine Commonwealth troops landed in Camotes Islands in Cebu we fronted the battles against the Japanese forces in the Battle of Camotes Islands during World War II. Aside from the battle of Camotes, you can also find four festivals that you would like to enjoy upon watching it which are the Tagbo Festival at Poro Camotes Island, Soli-soli Festival at San Franciso Camotes Island, Camotes Cassava Festival at Tudela Camotes Island, Tag-anitohan Festival at Tudela Camotes.


The predominant industries on the Camotes Islands are farming (including corn, rice, pigs, chicken and cattle), fishing and tourism. A number of tourist resorts have been established, catering to both domestic and international visitors. These include Santiago Bay Garden & Resort, Mangodlong Rock Resort and Greenlake Park.


The word camotes is Mexican for sweet potatoes.


Porohanon or Camotes Visayan is spoken in the town of Poro only. The dialect is very similar to the dialect of Cebuano which is spoken in the rest of Camotes Islands and throughout the province of Cebu, Northern Mindanao and other parts of the Visayas. Porohanon is distinguished by the way the locals substitute the /y/ sound for /z/. Example: Maayong buntag (good morning) in Cebuano would be changed to Maazong buntag in Porohanon. Na-a diha (in cebuano), Ara dira ( in porohanon ) Source: Wikipedia

Travel Directions: To reach Camotes Island, you can choose either by fastcraft, which takes 2 hours or  less to travel, by pumpboat or by ferry boat make sure that routes to Camotes destination and it takes  3 hours to travel.  You can find schedules of  departure to Camotes when you go to Danao port or Mandaue Quano Wharf  through by taxi or by public jeepneys. 

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