Silmugi Festival 2013

Cebu Silmugi Festival

Silmugi Festival falls on 20th January in honor of its patron saint where in Silmugi is an old name of the town of Borbon.

Bodbod Festival 2012

Cebu Bodbod Festival

Bodbod Festival emphasizes a dance movement through a street dancing and the movement on how to make the bodbod with their costumes in bodbod concept.

Soli-Soli Festival 2012

Cebu Soli-soli Festival

Soli-soli Festival is a parade of reeds and thanksgiving offering to Saint Joseph, their patron. It emphasizes the highlights of a street dancing movement, harvesting and weaving.

Kabanhawan Festival 2012

Cebu Kabanhawan Festival

Kabanhawan Festival a showcase of Sugat that emphasizes a street dancing depicts the joy felt by the believers when Christ resurrected, which held every Easter of Minglanilla and located in southern Cebu.

Tostado Festival 2012

Cebu Tostado Festival

Tostado is their famous delicacy which is a sweet toasted biscuits. This celebration is manifested the people's unique identity, for the proper culture and tradition of this town.

Dinagat Festival 2012

Dinagat Festival

Dinagat Festival it is a unique reinvention of the Dinagat Bakasi Festival. The exotic eel locally known as bakasi is peculiar and abundant livehood and fishing cultures of the place.


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