Kawayan Festival 2013

Cebu Kawayan Festival

Kawayan Festival emphasizes a bamboo dance which reflects the lifestyle, culture, and their source of livelihood are agriculture, fishing and cottage industries.

Toslob Festival 2012

Toslob Festival 2012

The Toslob Festival is celebrated together with the celebration of Immaculada Conception (which was on Dec. 8, 2011).

Tag-anitohan Festival 2013

Tag-anitohan Festival

Tag-anito festival is the festival which geared towards reminiscing the towns’ history and emphazises a dance movements and ritual, in honor of their patron Immaculate Conception.

Caballo Festival 2012

Cebu Caballo Festival

Caballo Festival refers to a Spanish for horse and the highlight of this festival is a street dancing competition in honors their patron saint, Señor Santiago de Apostol.

Camotes Cassava Festival 2012

Camotes Cassava Festival

Camote Cassava Festival is a showcasing of their cassavas and their delicacies which a yearly celebration of a bountiful harvest where farmers display their various based products and shared technical experiences in producing and processing cassava products.

Kabayo Festival 2013

Cebu Kabayo Festival

Kabayo Festival is celebrated on the month of February where this festival promotes tourism, ecotourism and agri-industrial tourism.

Ani-anihan Festival 2012

Cebu Ani-anihan Festival

Ani-anihan Festival is the feast of Saint John the Baptist which falls on every June 24th every year.

Kuyayang Festival 2012

Cebu Kuyayang Festival

Kuyayang Festival refers to the dance movements conveying the courtship and love characterized by the Bogohanon's carinoso character.

Sadsad Festival 2012

Cebu Sadsad Festival

Sadsad Festival was renamed to Sadsadayon Festival, where they discovered 4 steps which are: "labyug", "hagwa", "agni", and "pasalamat".

Tagbo Festival 2012

Cebu Tagbo Festival

The Tagbo Festival falls on the 19th month of January in honor the Santo Nino de Poro their patron saint. This festival has it's significance and highlights the birth of this town.


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