Kaumahan Festival 2012

Cebu Kaumahan Festival

Kaumahan Festival refers to a showcase revelry and merry making of the towns agriculturals products.

Bonga Festival 2012

Bonga Festival

Bonga Festival is a way of thanksgiving for all the blessings and graces they received . It’s emphasizes the highlights of a street dancing and ritual.

Siloy Festival 2012

Siloy Festival

Siloy Festival promotes the mag abo forest with the famous black Shama or Siloy, the town’s scenic white sand beaches and drive spots and known for the home of the largest population.

Haladaya Festival 2012

Haladaya Festival

Haladaya Festival emphasizes a grand mardi gas in which Haladaya comes from the two root word Halad and Daya where Halad an offering and Daya refers to Datu Daya the legendary chieftain ( Halad Kang Datu Daya).

Panginabuhi Festival 2012

Panginabuhi Festival

Panginabuhi Festival is celebrated on the town's fiesta, featuring activities include a trade fair, livelihood forum and a street dancing competition.

Karansa Festival 2012

Karansa Festival

The Karansa is a dance expressing one's joy and happiness performed in 4 basic steps: the kiay, karag, kurug and kurahay that jibes with the Karansa offical beat.

Pitlagong Festival 2012

Pitlagong Festival

Pitlagong Festival emphasize the manananggot tuba gatherers in which pitlagong means a bamboo instrument used to clean the sugong, a bamboo container used in collecting tuba coconut wine.

Sinanggiyaw Festival 2013

Sinanggiyaw Festival

The “Sinanggiyaw Festival” has its meaning derived from the traditional Cebuano words. The “Sinanggi” which means fruitfulness of harvest and “Sayaw” means dance and also giving honor for Saint Francis of Assisi.

Inasal-Halad Festival 2013

Inasal-Halad Festival

A showcase of Talisay City's historical heritage and identity promoting the city as an aqua and tourist hub, through street dancing as a thanksgiving offering to the city's patroness, Sta. Teresa de Avila.

Kabkaban Festival 2013

Kabkaban Festival

Kabkaban Festival is a ritual dance believed to be a way of driving away the bad spirits. The term is taken from a kind of grass that is so abundant in the place.


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